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Short Term Lending Services in RI, MA, CT and NH

Our Company arranges short term (6 months - 1 year) mortgage financing for all real estate situations. The term and pricing of all loans are always designed around the following: (1) Risk and purpose of the loan. (2) Location of real estate. (3) Down payment or equity into the deal by the borrower. (4) Exit strategy. Most exit strategies are to refinance into a longer term loan, and or sell the property to pay off our short term loan. Our company specializes in the refinance of these short term loans into longer term loans should the borrower need that assistance.

In summary, most all loans are anywhere from 4 months - 1 year, as the exit strategy is typically in place at the beginning of each loan. Our company also offers unlimited financing and credit report consultation services.

Real Estate Loans

We can arrange mortgage financing secured by any type of Real Estate whatsoever, whether it's a Residential, Commercial, or Mixed-Use property. We can even blanket any combination of residential and commercial property to do one loan.

Land & Construction Loans

We can arrange financing for the construction of all property types from single-family homes to small office buildings. The primary focus is to fund situations that need to close quickly (examples - unfinished properties that must be jump started immediately and completed), or a subdivision that needs road/infrastructure money quickly to meet certain town imposed deadlines. The terms and pricing on these loans are based on the overall risk and location of the real estate. In most cases, the loan will not exceed 1 year as the purpose is always to quickly get the construction phase completed to increase property value, and then refinance or sell off the property. In summary, we will entertain any construction related situation from land development to near finished houses.

Rehab Loans, Flips & Short Sales

We can arrange financing for any rehab/flip situation. This typically involves builders or real estate investors who are buying, fixing up, and then selling property. There are unlimited short sales (discounted bank loans) that are being sold to buyers whom we can finance. The buyers can now capitalize on these opportunistic situations with our private financing in place. The terms and pricing on these types of loans are based on risk, location of the real estate, and down payment. These loans are typically 6 months -1 year depending on the borrowers specific exit strategy. In summary, we can offer the most flexible terms for all situations, and our closing speed is unmatched!

Foreclosure, Bank Workouts & Joint Venture Funding

We will entertain any complicated/bad credit situation, whether it's a foreclosure or a bank settlement situation assuming there is enough equity to justify a loan. Our guidelines are flexible enough to handle any real estate situation (purchase or refinance). In addition, we will do joint venture financing for opportunistic situations with great upside whereas the borrower has very limited cash/equity into the transaction, yet brings his expertise. For example: A developer who has a distressed track of land which can be converted into 10 house lots and he needs immediate funding in order to capitalize on this situation. In this case, the developer could possibly lose his entire project, thus the need for joint venture funding. The lender would provide all of the financing needed to consolidate any debt, plus convert the property into 10 lots. The lender would take an equity share (joint venture) bonus fee as well when the developer begins selling off the house lots. This type of financing benefits both parties (lender and borrower). In summary, we will entertain all distressed real estate situations that require fast funding, and our terms are as competitive as any lender in the entire area. Lastly, the speed in which we can react and close loans is unmatched!


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